Saturday, June 13, 2015


It's time to Blog again. My latest book MY BEST LIFE, launched this spring and I want to share some of it with friends, foodies, and historians, who also believe four-legged furries have souls. MY BEST LIFE is the autobiography of Sakie, an eighteen year old historian and food aficionado, who just happens to be a cat. In detail that is both humorous and poignant, she describes her present life as a cat with an American family and the three other lives she remembers. The big white dog has been a part of her other life when they traveled together as the pair of good fortune to the Indian tribe. Cats she meet along the way tell of their past existences as protagonists that saved civilization. Sakie's first life was as the revered mau of Ramses II favorite daughter. There is the cat that remembers her life as the pampered feline of Marie Antoinette's daughter, Madame Royale, and the terror of the French Revolution. Blackie tells his story of how he saved Siena from the bubonic plague. And, the handsome SAR cat, Tabby, describes how he was responsible for winning the battle that changed the tide of the American Revolution and freed us from the wicked king of England. In her dreams, Sakie leads the army of cats on the Spanish Armada and jumps into a mirror with the Cheshire cat for an adventure in Wonderland. And, in real life, she visits the eclectic SoBe area in Miami Beach and finds an old cat that remembers South Beach. Her life changes when she moves upstate to a small town in central Florida and discovers the magnificent St. John's River. And, the interloper mutt that wrangled his way into her home and tried to take her place, brings real life humor and drama into the book. Each adventure is followed by recipes of the times and regions to create a combined novel-cookbook. This is a book to enjoy, in and out of the kitchen.

(From MY BEST LIFE - Archway Publishing from Simon Schuster)

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